What We Want
We want visceral poetry, prose and art, which gives us a strange tingly rushing feeling. We want our eyes to dilate, our pores to open one by one, and our skin to break out in shivery gooseflesh. As fellow writers, we want to wish we wrote it and we want to hate you just a little for being so effing brilliant for creating whatever it is, first. Seriously.

For prose, we're looking for Flash Fiction up to 1k words, and Short Fiction 1-5k words. Works longer than 5k will be considered, but to be honest, 1-3k words is the Sweet Spot.

Our response time can range anywhere from two days to two months. We have day jobs but will get back to you as quickly as possible. Simultaneous submissions are fine but PLEASE let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere. If only one or two poems have been accepted elsewhere, you can withdraw via email rather than withdrawing everything through submishmash.

Please include your name and telephone number with each submission along with a bio. Your bio can be big or little; a fancy pedigree is not required, as your work will speak for itself.
We are interested in artwork and photograpy which is strange/dark/extreme/unusual. There is no payment, only the glory of seeing your art on line.
Menacing Hedge